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FLVplayer – quicktime-like feature

Inside the zip you find:

– flvplayer_qtlike.fla
– flvplayer.swf

This is an improved version of the widespread flvplayer that many video bloggers use.

>>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD – (20KB) < <<<<<<<<<

As its most important feature the player calculates the user current average bandwidth, so that the playback of the movie starts exactly when the right amount of data has been downloaded.

No stop and re-buffer again. Your movie will play smoothly till the end. This gives your users a better user experience, even at lower bandwidth.

A second feature is the automatic still-frame display. Just place a jpg with the same name of your flv movie (mymovie.flv and mymovie.jpg) and the player displays the jpg until you click and start “loading…”.

to UPGRADE from plain flvplayer version just overwrite your flvplayer.swf file with the one you find in
to a NEW INSTALL just follow the instructions here, and then overwrite flvplayer.swf with the one you find the Unzip the content of

A little but useful widget is within the .fla. It’s a debug window, basically it provides the trace() feature within the browser environment (toggle the window pressing CTRL+SHIFT+D).

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. To credit attribution, please leave the link to website within flash actionscript code.

All the movies (not anymore due to bandwidth issues, guyz we’re not youtube :-)) in this page use the new improved flvplayer, so you can test it right now. Enjoy it!

You can see a sample video here:

Any question? Comment below


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  2. I tried to put this on a blank HTML but it doesnt work:

    I have the flvplayer.swf on my home dir. What’s wrong? :( Please help?

  3. hi alvin,
    send us ( the link to the not functioning page, we will try to help you.

  4. This is great, I was looking for a player under a great license like this. Just a quick question, the links you had that said “instructions here” go to the same zip file as the player download. Unfortunately, the zip file doesn’t have the documentation in it. I’d like to know what other parameters there are other than autostart.


  5. thanks kelth, I’m working on it during the weekend. For any question don’t hesitate to contact us at

  6. link to the instruction page is now fixed. I’ve BTW changed a few lines in the wp-flv.php file (the plugin file):
    i’ve removed the wmode=”transparent” because it causes performance issues on slower computers (expecially my old mac :-)) and i placed a higher version requirement on the plugin, this way I can use the new codecs (e.g. On2 VP6).

  7. hi, how can we make some text advertize at the end of the videos?

  8. and i can’t open the source. it gives me the error “unexpected file format” for .fla !!!

  9. this is the typical flash mx 2004 error message when trying to open flash 8 documents. you should have flash 8 installed otherwise is giving you problems.

    To make advertizement check the playhead of the video, when it reaches 100 make the advertizement apear (you can count on visibility, play, attach native methods for this)

  10. FABULOSO! Can’t wait to try it. I see there are a few “issues” but that part of being on the leading edge, isn’t it? LOL I love a challenge…..

  11. Thanks for sharing this information. Actually it has all important features.

  12. nice!

  13. i have installed this plugin successful
    what can i do for share this video for example share to social networking like facebook?
    thank you.

  14. you can use the facebook share button. you can get the code here:

  15. The player is good work, thx alot.

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